First Days in Florida

Conner & Kian on the plane

Our plane landed on Friday.

When we got off the plane it was hotter than I thought it would be.  There is a big ocean here, and we are going to the beach today.

My Uncle Kerry, my cousins Kelsea and Max came to visit us at our condo.


The next day, we toured around and went out for lunch.  It was really nice to eat outside!



My next post will be about our trip to Disneyworld!!!!


By Conner



6 thoughts on “First Days in Florida

  1. Dear Conner,
    We really miss you so far! How is your trip going? How is the weather? It was snowing here this morning! Does it ever snow in Florida?

    Are there any birds there? If so, what kind? What other kinds of animals live in Florida?

    We hope you have fun in Disneyworld!

    Trentin, Zoe, Leah, Tsuyoshi, Evan, Draden, Ryder, Lucas, William, Parker, Aven, Autumn, Cassidy, Presley, Makayla, Hser Dri, Olivia, Sakari, Kiera, Eden, Kris, Dru and Mrs. Kostiuk

    • Hi everyone it is hot and stormy today. I don’t think it snows here. There is lots of Snowy Egrets by our condo. There are Geckos and Alligators all over Florida.

      from Conner.

  2. Dear Crazy Conner

    Well how’s is it going in Florida so far? Where
    would you go if you were able to go where ever you wanted? By that I mean one place. 🙂

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